"I know you’re busy and want your parties to be Pinterest-worthy — they don’t have to be, your kids love you just the same with delivered pizza, some balloons tied to their chair and a toss of confetti on the table."


We believe that color is everything. That quality and craftsmanship mean something. That you can never have too much dry shampoo and top buns are life. We believe mamas are the heartbeats of their families. That our daughters deserve the same opportunities as our sons. We believe in mom squads and wine slushies. We believe in the heart-melting power of raised arms and little lips saying “mama” at our legs. We believe in microwaving coffee five times a day. We wear spit up and snot proudly. We believe in raising the next generation to love everyone for who they are. We believe that sharing is caring and quiet time is the key to happiness. We believe you are doing your best. We believe in thriving and surviving — depending on how naps have gone that day. We believe in the squeal of a waddling baby being chased. We believe in celebrating your people. We believe in sitting around with our friends, listening to our little ones laughing and quietly thinking to ourselves — my heart is full.

We believe these are the good old days and they are worth celebrating now.

We are Studio Pep® and we are your new mom friend.


At Studio Pep® we take great pride in our products. We are firm believers in the artisan process, quality materials and made in America . First, we start with premium, eco-friendly, American-made tissue paper. Each sheet is counted, folded and pressed to create our signature tissue paper circles. We blend shiny flecks, which are made in the USA, into some of our batches as well. Each batch is mixed by hand and packaged with love into tubes, packs or balloons. All of our balloons are sourced from North America and are made from high quality latex.

Our premium materials allow us to achieve some of the brightest colors you will find , but also create super soft and dreamy confetti. We do not tolerate half filled tubes, paper dust or rough, thin confetti!

We hope you can see the love and care we put into all of our products.


Adrianne Pepitone, founder and creative director, launched Studio Pep® in 2015. Before Studio Pep began, Adrianne grew up in a home that knew how to throw a damn good party. Her mom and dad would make sure that every birthday, family gathering and holiday was celebrated to the fullest. Decorations, games, piñatas, crafts, theme menus — everyone always said they had the best parties. These crazy themed celebrations continue to this day as Adrianne and her family gather each month to play Pictionary, drink wine and be together.

Adrianne started her first business in 2012 at the kitchen table of her first apartment as a newly married wife to her husband Blaise. Dreaming of starting a business and a family, Adrianne put her BFA in graphic design to work and created a shop featuring flag programs and ribbon wands she made for her own wedding. She still remembers the first order she fulfilled with trembling hands and a grateful heart. Her wedding business eventually transitioned into what Adrianne was truly passionate about —celebrations — and then took on its own identity as Studio Pep®.

{Adrianne -- right -- was extremely cool when she was younger}

{Flag programs Adrianne designed for her wedding}

Studio Pep® began as an online retail shop, featuring fun and bright party products that caught Adrianne’s eye. Adrianne started to dream of ways to incorporate her love of color with new materials, like tissue paper and balloons. She decided to design her own party products and feature them in her shop to see how they would do. Those products quickly took off and Adrianne launched an exclusive Studio Pep® website and wholesale program. Now Studio Pep® products are available in retailers across the country and internationally. You can still shop the original Studio Pep® Etsy shop here!

Adrianne hopes that Studio Pep® brings fun and happiness to each home that it enters and is a reflection of what we will lovingly refer to as the good old days in years to come.

{The original Studio Pep® party shop}

{Adrianne's first real office for Studio Pep®}

{Studio Pep's official website launch in 2015}


Hi friend!

I’m Adrianne, wife and mama to 2 littles (Noah and Maple). I have an obsession with color, a need to touch everything to truly experience it and a pride in the artisan process. Making mom friends can be hard, but they are some of the best and deepest relationships that I have in my life. Nothing is truer than going through this crazy journey of motherhood with amazing women. I would love to get to know you and your story and if you happen to grab some balloons and confetti that’s awesome too!

Every color way I create and product I design, I have you, mama, in mind. I know you’re busy and want your parties to be Pinterest-worthy — they don’t have to be, your kids love you just the same with delivered pizza, some balloons tied to their chair and a toss of confetti on the table. You have a million things going on, enough faces to wipe, diapers to change and laundry to do. I hope that my coordinating party goods make your celebrations pretty, fun, but most importantly easier.

You’re awesome and doing an amazing job!


PS - I’d love to connect with you! Join the Studio Pep Community and say hi!