Solid Collection

Solid Collection

Have you ever found yourself shopping last minute for party decorations? Ordering from Amazon and hoping that prime delivery will show up in time? Or maybe driving to Party City and grabbing whatever non-character-themed items they may have that kind of match?

I've been there (even with party decor in my studio). There are still those last-minute items I always forget or I notice while decorating that it would be nice to have xyz. 

Confetti is by far the easiest way to decorate a table or level up your decorations. What's even better?

Custom confetti-- that you always have on hand. 

red orange yellow green blue purple pink white confetti


I designed our solid collection with you in mind. We have limited space in our studio, so while I wish I could offer every party theme pre-mixed it just is not possible. Instead I decided to let you be the confetti designer!

We currently offer 10 mix & match solid color confettis (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, white, black and brown). With these colors you create any party theme you can dream of!

This is why I think you should stock up with each one of our colors (keep reading to find out how save 40% off the entire collection).You will be set and ready to create countless themes through out the year!

A little bit of our confetti goes a long way. A mini confetti pack of each color will be plenty for all year long!

♥️ Need something special for Valentine's Day? Mix red and pink!

🍀 Need some leprechaun dust to leave in your kids' leprechaun traps? Mix red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink!

🇺🇸 Need a sprinkle of confetti for 4th of July? Mix red, white and blue!

🕹 Does your daughter want a video game party? Mix red, yellow, green, blue and black!

🚧 Does your son want a construction party? Mix orange, yellow, white and black!


If you are in a busy season or just looking for expert confetti mixing inspiration I have created some fun combinations that you check out here.


From January 25-26, Studio Pep will be participating in a pop-up market alongside 24 other amazing brands! Each brand will be offering their own promotion. Studio Pep will be offering 40% off everything! 

So how do you get invited? Sign up here. That's it! You will receive an email when shopping is open with your promo code to shop from all 25 brands. 



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