Valentine's Day Open & Go Guide (FREE)

Valentine's Day Open & Go Guide (FREE)

My daughter's birthday is right before Valentine's Day, so our family tends to have a very low-key Valentine's Day after putting lots of energy into our daughter's party. If you're like me or you're in a season of life that has little to no margin to create family traditions I created a free guide just for you.  My Valentine's Day Open & Go Celebration Guide is perfect for:

  • busy seasons
  • last minute planning
  • simple celebrations
  • easily starting your own family traditions

Open & Go

There is a phrase in the homeschooling world to describe a curriculum that requires no prep-- "open & go". And while some curricula claim to be "open and go" it tends to still have prep work. Books to purchase or check out from the library, ingredients to buy, and supplies to gather. 

I promise that this guide is truly "open & go". No books to gather or check out, no special ingredients or craft supplies to track down. 

My goal is to offer you a fulfilling experience that doesn't add to your to-do lists and calendars. 

The Experiences

Family traditions are formed when we surround ourselves with people we love and experience big or small moments together. 

If you have been hoping to cultivate more family traditions in your home our guide will walk you through four curated experiences:

  • reading
  • watching
  • eating
  • talking

These four areas create a family tradition that touches all our senses and is easy to continue year after year.

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What's Included in this Guide

Our guide includes:

  • How to Use This Guide
  • QR Code for all links in the guide
  • 25% off promo code for our Valentine's Day collect
  • Four curated experiences

Are you ready to have a peaceful Valentine's Day with your family?


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