Elaborate Parties: Inspiring or Paralyzing?

Elaborate Parties: Inspiring or Paralyzing?

What if elaborate parties on social media are paralyzing us instead of inspiring us?

All out parties are not necessary to celebrate, and dare I say— our kids don’t need them.


Elaborate parties can hold a place in our lives. Genuine inspiration and joy can be found while creating elaborate themed parties. But we should not let them become the template for all our celebrations.


Would we celebrate more if we celebrated simply?


I know this is unexpected coming from me— someone who sells party goods. But the truth is, you do not need confetti, balloons, or banners to celebrate with your family. You do not need themed plates, cups, and napkins. I do try to create products that support your family to celebrate more consistently. I designed my solids collection to make it easier to have endless possibilities for all your celebrations throughout the year.


A pack of confetti and some balloons create magic for your family. I love the themed paper plates, napkins, cups, and straws, but honestly, I can’t afford all those items for every celebration. I have a few tablecloths that I consistently use and sprinkle confetti down the center of our table. I may add a balloon garland or scatter mini balloons. Many times, I use items in my home to create a centerpiece. 


Anything out of the ordinary will enchant your children.

"Anything out of the ordinary will enchant your children."

So, where do we start?

Here are a few ideas on how you can simplify an upcoming birthday party or gathering:


  • Put on a movie that goes with the theme (or not) and serve popcorn


  • Serve dessert and drinks only


  • Host a playdate party with pizza, juice boxes, and popsicles


  • Bring cupcakes to a local park


  • Meet at an ice cream shop, purchase an ice cream cake and serve there


  • Only decorate one focal point (table, window, mantel, etc.)


  • Choose one decoration:

    • Balloon garland (can be put together at least a week in advance)

    • Confetti (can be sprinkled last minute down the table)

    • Balloons (inflate with air and scatter on the floor — kids love this! Have each kid take home a balloon to play with— doubles as a party favor)


  • Move the party outside of your home (farm, lake, hiking trail, bakery, coffee shop, park)


  • Meet at the library and play board games— send each guest home with a cupcake


  • Host between meals and serve snacks (9:30 AM to 11:30 AM or 2 PM to 4 PM)


  • Set up self-directed games for kids to do on their own


  • Skip party favors


  • Thank everyone for coming as they leave; skip the thank you notes


  • Make food prep the activity (MYO pizza, decorate a cupcake, make an ice cream sundae, etc.)


  • Focus on what your child wants and forget the rest— do they want to play video games with their friends and eat cake? Great— that sounds like a fantastic party!


Download a free printable of these ideas. Tuck it with your party decorations, or clip it to your calendar for your next party.


What if we simplified our celebrations so we can simply celebrate?


Remember: your worth is never tied to how well you can entertain others, how many party decorations you can afford, or how much creativity you present to others. Enjoy your family. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy your home.what your child wants and forget the rest— do they want to play video games with their friends and eat cake? Great— that sounds like a fantastic party!

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