Artisan Balloon - Here Comes the Bride
$ 20.00

What's better than to announce you walking down the aisle with an adorable little one and a jumbo balloon?! The music starts playing, you peep a glimpse of your soon to be husband at the front and try to hold back the tears. Your adorable nephew starts his way down the aisle to announce that the bride is on her way! Our signature Here Comes the Bride Balloon is printed with gorgeous calligraphy by the talented Ashley from Printable Wisdom in gold ink. The 36" balloon size allows for brides to inflate ahead of time without having to worry about it floating for your big day. 

• Includes 36" White Jumbo Balloon with Here Comes the Bride design
• Helium or air-fill, all balloon come flat + deflated
• Made in the USA

Some tips and trick for inflating your balloon for the big day:

1) Purchase or ask for hi-float when inflating your balloon, this acts as a sealant inside of the balloon and keeps helium from escaping, making your balloon float for longer. If you are having your balloon inflated at a local party store, simply ask them to add hi-float.

2) Have your balloon inflated fully (36 inches), this allows your balloon to hold more helium and will keep it floating longer.

3) 36" Latex Balloons typical floating time for fully inflated balloons is 3-5 days and 2 weeks with hi-float. We advise inflating your balloon as close to your event as possible.