DIY Cinco De Mayo Bar

DIY Cinco De Mayo Bar

DIY Cinco De Mayo Bar



Looking to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with your friends without being stuck at the bar making margaritas for everyone? We’ve created a fun serve yourself Botanical & Citrus Bar, so guests can customize their margaritas and you can enjoy yourself!

To create this fun and festive bar, we picked three classic citrus juices, lemon, orange and lime, and paired them with three botanicals, thyme, lavender and mint. Then we added some flowers, fruit, fun balloons and a sprinkle of confetti to bring it all together.

Learn how to create this fun Botanical & Citrus Bar too!


  • Balloon Time Helium Tank
  • Fiesta Balloon Pack
  • Fresh citrus fruits
  • Fresh botanicals or herbs
  • Tequila, orange liqueur, simple syrup, salt, ice and a cocktail shaker
  • Festive party decor like confetti, drink stirrers and paper straws
  • Printable margarita recipe card for guets to follow along with (download here!)


  1. Inflate balloons with your Balloon Time Helium Tank and tie to an anchor behind your bar
  2. Create a mixing area for your guests, lay out all cocktail ingredients and tools they will need
  3. Create various heights on your bar with cake stands and pint boxes
  4. Add fresh flowers, fruit and sprinkle confetti
  5. Print and assemble your free margarita recipe card


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